Thailand: The Sun Rises In Bangkok

We’ve arrived. At 6:00am I jumped out of bed and was ready to bust a big Bangkok day. Peter informed me that he would be ready to bust his big Bangkok in approx. two more hours of uninterrupted sleep. I love you Jetlag! You make me feel like a 6am natural! Whoohoo ready to rock!

Flights were great and apparently I am searching the world for sunshine. Mr. Gloom has invaded the whole pacific. Narita was socked in and drizzling and Bangkok is gray and humid (although not on the pacific?).

So, I have already learned a couple of important things in a very short time!

– After 8 hours on a plane and in total desperation Miley Cyrus stops looking like a tall, shaggy, flat faced monkey, and becomes the perfect engenue for a Nicholas Sparks movie! Go “Last Song!”

-If you forgot to pack your rice cooker, don’t stress, they sell them in terminal 2 at the Narita Airport along with a flash drive that doubles as a humping dog.

-Every Jalways flight attendant has prettier hair than you and is nicer than you too.

– I only fly Jalways from here on out. They have squishy soft pillows, super cozy blankets, and whole rows empty for me to sleep on. I love you Jalways!

-When taking ambien on a flight. Try not to wake up to use the bathroom. If you do, the nice Jalways attendant with the pretty hair will have to open the bathroom door for you because you are too drugged up to figure out how to do it. You will look at her squinty eyed and drooling and will feel embarrassed. By the way, the Jalways bathroom doors are just the same as any other airplane bathroom door. All you have to do is slide the lever and push.

-Definitely take ambien. Despite the previously mentioned impairments, the flight was only like 10 minutes.

So, we arrived in Bangkok late last night and made our way to the hotel in a hot pink taxi. The only way to travel! Our hotel emailed us a map to show the driver and even with the map he got lost. He had to stop three times to ask for directions. My favorite parts of traveling are situations like these. Having absolutely no control or clue as to where you are going and having to put all your trust in a complete stranger with whom you do not share a language.

I was cracking up though because the cab driver kept talking to Peter in English and Peter was such a good listener. He kept responding very confidently with “Ok,” “great,” “Ha, Ha, that’s funny.” When I asked Peter what was going on, and what the cab driver was saying, he looked at me in that perfect and positively hopeless way and said… “I have no clue.”

But we made it! We are off to the grand palace! And guess what? There is awesome coffee here!!! I am going to put in more exclamation marks just to show you how much caffeine is in their awesome coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Might be another day or two before the next update. Please don’t judge my spelling errors. And if you would like me to leave you off my wannabe travel blog, I totally understand, won’t take it personally (well, maybe a little), but I will take you off the list.

we love you!

E and P (mostly E)


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