Santiago Peak 1 point. Liz 0.

Peter and I, both sick with colds, decided this morning at 6:00am that we were still going to attempt getting to the top of Santiago Peak. Standing at 5,689 feet, Santiago Peak is the highest peak in the Santa Ana mountains. My motivation, is to get in shape for Kilimanjaro, and Peter is just the dutiful husband who vowed to be my life partner (which in the fine print states “must accompany Liz on hikes”).

To put it simply, Santiago Peak kicked my ass and pinched Peter’s. I can no longer walk, I hobble, and Peter has some pretty respectable blisters. I started our hike with about 25 pounds in my pack and slowly dumped things out on our way up the hill. The boulder, which accounted for 8 pounds was the first to go, then the sleeping bag which accounted for another 5 pounds got strapped to the bottom of Peter’s bag. Then the water, which accounted for another 5 pounds, I consumed and then used to water a bush. Peter, started off the hike with 35 pounds and ended with 40. That guy is always showing me up.

I am glad we went though because the highlight of our trip was coming up 5 mins after some kids rolled their car on the dirt road coming out of the hike. Everyone was ok, which is why I can laugh.  One guy crawled out of the car with his snake still around his neck. I am so glad their snake was ok. I get worried about animals riding in cars with reckless drivers.

So now I am in bed, doing what I should have done this morning, NOTHING.  I hate that mountain for what it did to my legs but will no doubt be back at it in a few weeks, when I can walk again, to show it who’s boss. My sister hasn’t agreed yet, but she’s coming with me.  Who else is in?

Starting off on our hike
Spring Flowers
Yucca in bloom
At the summit. You should be able to see Mexico, but all we could see were clouds
One of many stream crossings
The Flipped Car.

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