Joshua Tree

After a long week, knowing I am heading into nature always rejuvenates me. It’s like an instant second wind.

Besides the second wind, another favorite part of any camping trip is how fantastic food tastes when you’re dirty and exhausted. Thanks to Peter, our resident camp chef, we feasted on a huge dinner of carne asada tacos, and thanks to a run into Yucca Valley by my sister, we had cold beer. For a fireside dessert, Danny introduced us to the banana boat. Melted chocolate, marshmellows and bananas prepared along side an intricate story and eaten after all “characters and props” have been placed inside a partly scooped out banana (the boat), wrapped in tin foil, and set on a journey through a tropical sea (the fire). What follows is a mushy, sticky, sweet, delicious mess.

We definitely don’t see enough of Danny and Katie so this weekend was really special for us. I adore both of them and feel that these two are a huge gain in my marriage! I love watching their relationship balance. They think the world of each other and so generously allow the other to have room to be entirely themselves. Such a valuable quality in a relationship, and particularly impressive in their case, being that their relationship is fairly new. In addition to spending time with Danny and Katie, it was such a treat to watch my nieces so comfortably move around the windy and cold desert. Eloise was like a mountain goat bouncing from rock to rock in just a t-shirt and shorts and Sabine, an avid gym climber, was growing more and more comfortable climbing outside, away from padded floors and on real rocks three times as high as those in her gym. Both girls are delightful companions. They are up for anything and are constantly making us laugh. The icing on the cake was having Matt and Gretchen there too. Gret was such a good sport hanging out all day while we climbed, while also lugging her dog and folding chair over giant boulders. (Such a great sister!) Matt was great and obviously having a blast showing off his rediscovered climbing skills, cracking jokes, and sharing his J Tree Climbing guides from 1988. The two of them are just great.

When I look ahead to an uncertain future, I find deep comfort knowing that in our families, both inherited and immediate, exist so much connection and love. After a long week at work, being able to relax, exercise, talk, laugh and sing (!) among those most important to us, is something I will always treasure.  I had so much fun being with you this weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our campsite
Katie, Ellie, Danny
Matt working on Hemingway Wall
Peter and Ellie
Sabine working on a boulder problem
Danny at the top of a boulder problem
Staying warm!
Banana Boats!
Peter at the top of a boulder problem
Katie rocking it!
Great weekend!

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  1. Liz,
    Thanks for sharing. I just told Cathleen how refreshing it is to read your posts. You share your life and find the good in the world. This is a site I enjoy. Thanks for staying positive!

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