Sedona, Arizona

Because Christmas landed on a Sunday this year, Peter had Monday off! So, we decided to take a road trip to Sedona.

One of the few active things we can still do together, and something that still feels great to me, is hiking. So we picked a place that wasn’t too cold and had lots and lots of hiking. We did 4 different hikes together over the two days in Sedona and the most challenging hike we found was Bear Mountain. A 2,000 foot climb in 2.5 miles. Because of the little girl who has made her home in my growing belly, I am much slower these days. Peter is very patient but until he can carry her in a backpack, we are stuck at my slow heart-pumping pace. I am hoping that once our girl gets out of my belly and onto Peter’s back, it might finally be the thing to slow him down. Maybe I will get the chance to keep up with his hypersonic hiking pace? My legs are getting stronger so time will tell!

On our Bear Mountain Hike

On our hike to Chicken Point
At the summit of Bear Mountain
More Bear Mountain
A lot of our Bear Mountain hike was fun rocky scrambling
The love cactus
Up the hill entering Flagstaff we found a beautiful snowy stream for a short, icy hike.

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