Lake Tahoe & Mammoth Lakes, CA

Sage’s 2 month birthday was made even more special because it marked the beginning of Peter’s 6 week hiatus from work.

To kick off the vacation we were honored to be included in two beautiful weddings which was the perfect celebration of true love and the official start of our summer!

Sage partied like a rock star at Orian and Sam’s gorgeous wedding in Del Mar. In the arms of her thrilled father and accompanied by her crazy cousins she bounced around the dance floor smiling through the pumping music and staring at the flashing lights. The next morning at 4am we piled in the car and set off for Lauren and Greg’s wedding in Tahoe. Sage slept for 7 of the 9 hours in the car and thanks to Granny, who came with us for support, she was entertained with stories and freshly pumped bottles of milk from the front seat.

Again Sage proved herself party worthy while spending the  pre-wedding BBQ on Peter in the baby sling being swept around as he bolted left and right to swipe up s’more kits. He impressed the New Yorkers in attendance with his grilling skills and the number of sticky marshmallow strings he could drape across his chin. The spectacle earned him a reputation and for the remainder of the weekend he was recognized as, “the s’more guy.” Both weddings had sweet tables which kept Peter very entertained and rarely by my side. In the future, if a wedding has a sweet table, I should probably consider bringing a date.

Sunday we went on a hike, took Sage in the balmy 84 degree pool (she LOVED it!), and ended the day celebrating Lauren and Greg’s stunning wedding beneath a full moon and surrounded by the sparkling lake. Sage made an appearance and enjoyed the music (a live band!) and all the happy faces greeting her.

The next morning we headed to Mammoth. We arrived, changed a diaper, had a beer, changed our clothes and left again to a climbing spot where we watched Sabine lead a 5.10a. I was so proud of her and am seriously excited that she is becoming a total badass! Following a delicious but meager dinner (there is never enough food around for me these days) and some teasing about my endless lactating appetite, Peter and the girls continued the baking tradition making brownies and a vanilla cake, half of which Peter ate for breakfast the next morning.

On our way back to San Clemente we pulled off the 395 to the stunning McGee Creek trailhead where we hiked uphill a few miles into the breathtaking John Muir wilderness. Two hours later, sunburned and sweaty, we said goodbye to Matt, Sabine, and Ellie who were headed out a few more miles to spend the night under the stars.

Today we are celebrating the 4th by doing laundry and packing for our next trip. Peter will have his hands full navigating my mini meltdowns as I try to fill our backpacks and organize our gear for over 30 hours of flying and three weeks in Europe with a two month old. Ha ha. What the hell are we thinking?! Stay tuned…

At the Lake
Sage in her party dress
Sage in her party dress
Chillin at the pool! We love Tahoe!
Sage loves the pool. We brought the big umbrella with us from the lounge chairs to keep her out of the sun.
On our way to Warming Wall to watch Bean climb
Sabine leading a 5.10a!

Entering John Muir Wilderness

The Bauer/Scott/Sedivec women!
On the hike
Beautiful setting for a diaper change!


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