Lake Lopez

This summer’s Lake Lopez kick off


included Jason, Veronica, and Jacob. We were actually lucky enough to spend the night at their house before arriving which broke up the long drive and gave us some time to play in their pool.

Lake Lopez is a very kid-friendly camping spot. They have a playground, warm water, ranger-led nature activities, mountain biking, and hiking. We prefer the campsites in the Buck and Lobo area because they provide walking access to the lake.

Now that Sage is a little older (last time she was here she was 4 months old) she loved exploring the campground, paddleboarding, stealing Jacob’s toys, and swimming. She also learned how to say the word “deer” sounds like “duh.” For memory’s sake we should mention that Sage went on a wild stroller ride but fortunately with the exception of some dread locks and about 100 burrs in her hair, she fell out of the stroller completely unscathed. Phew. The wind was really blowing which means Jason, Veronica, and Peter got a lot of time on the water. I didn’t get out there because it was too strong for a beginner. I will hope for less wind in August!

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