Wisconsin round two!

We had so much fun last time we visited Twin Lakes Wisconsin that we decided to return! Lucky for us, Brian’s family extended a second invitation and didn’t mind that we were returning with one more in tow.


We should have expected that a few things were going to be different from our last visit. This time Brian and Peter both had to work… a lot.  The weather was cool and the trip was much less relaxing with a 14 month old. To be honest, having to stay one step ahead of Sage was exhausting. I have a new appreciation for my baby-proofed home! Sage was (age appropriately) on a mission to take apart the Wamsley’s entire house. The only time we really caught a break was when we were outside or when she was sleeping. So, we spent a lot of time outside.

Fortunately our favorite parts of Wisconsin stayed exactly the same. We had so much fun with Brian’s wonderful niece and nephew Ben and Devon, the Wamsley’s were once again immensely hospitable, the floating trampoline was still there, and the skiing was super fun. Ben and Devon showered Sage with so much love and attention she barely needed to lift her little finger and they were holding her hand, getting her what she asked for, and making her laugh. She started calling Ben by his new name “Nen.” Jeanne Wamsley let us tear apart her refrigerator and her candy drawer. I am embarrassed to admit that Sage had her first bite of a candy bar and a pop tart. Big sigh. Oh well, I guess that’s what vacation is all about.

Twin Lakes is a fantastic place to rent a house, relax on the lake, fish, kayak, and waterski. The town has some fun restaurants but the lake is beautiful and entertaining enough that you buy groceries in town and stay put. If you don’t know someone with a boat, renting  a house with a boat and gear on site is the way to go. If the house you rent doesn’t have those options finding a spot in town with gear and boat rentals is another good option.

Sage’s first time tubing. Not surprisng that she loved it.
Sage was waving and signing “more” for most of her ride.
Brian and Ben being awesome.
Peter came up with this brilliant idea of putting Sage in her old car seat to keep her in one place on the boat. She ended up sleeping for over an hour!
New perspective on the world
One of Sage’s favorite games was digging rocks out of the water and then throwing them back in. She probably spent hours doing this.
A mama turtle we found who walked up the street to lay her eggs on the neighbor’s grass

IMG_0997 IMG_0981 IMG_0956 IMG_0939

After the last picture I asked Sage to smile. I had no idea she actually understood what I was asking her to do. Ha ha
After the last picture I asked Sage to smile. I had no idea she actually understood what I was asking her to do. Ha ha
Sleepy time on the boat
I cannot say it enough… this is the BEST TOY EVER!!! Brian and Ben doing backflips.

IMG_0928 IMG_0886 IMG_0883

Peter decided it was time for a haircut so Ben took care of it.
Peter decided it was time for a haircut. Lucky that Barber Ben was on call.


Another game Sage loved was playing “drive the boat.”


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