Washington D.C.

Sage and I tagged along for Peter’s work trip and had such a great time exploring the city. We flew out a few days early so Peter could spend time with us over the weekend and we must have walked at least 20 miles in one weekend around the city. I forgot how fun cities are with children and it makes me miss living in New York. With all the stimulating sights and sounds Sage’s words practically doubled.


And what’s this about the museums and zoo being free?!?! Best surprise ever! The Ergo came through once again as the most kick ass baby carrier. Sage napped on the go and was happy and snuggled as she soaked in the big city. We did bring a stroller but, of course, barely used it. Walking with only the Ergo and a backpack is the best way to go. We got a ton of exercise, Sage slept, and we saw so much of the city in such a short time. I highly recommend city trips with young children. Especially if you don’t have tight time agendas.

Here are some pictures-


Over the Potomac River


Roosevelt Island


The FREE zoo!


Loving the public transportation! Escalators are a favorite right now!


Ice cream truck


Museum of Natural History


Washington Monument


Lincoln Memorial


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