Utah: Zion. Angel’s Landing

The hike to Angel’s landing is another ass kicker. The hike is straight up and carved into the side of sheer rock, the trail is an aggressive approach to a flat and gorgeous look out above.

That peak above Peter’s head is Angel’s Landing, where we are headed.



The notorious cable section comes after the first flat lookout so if you are interested in a great hike but not interested in the cable portion you should still do it. There is a breathtaking lunch spot on top and plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the view. I am disappointed to say that I chickened out on the cable portion. Boo me. I felt uncomfortable with Peter carrying Sage on the side of a sheer cliff with so little room for mistake. Had it just been the two of us I would have pushed through my insecurity but unfortunately fear got the better of me.

Fear is the enemy. And when you have it, you miss out on all the cool stuff! I am disappointed in myself because as I came back from checking it out I saw a few people carrying their young children out on the trail. I kicked myself for the rest of the trip but vowed to go back and complete it with Sage in the future. Maybe at that time she will hike it herself and we will have her sibling in the backpack. Today was our 3 year anniversary and a picture at the top would have been AWE-SOME. Oh well, live and learn I guess. Learn not to be so lame! Here are some pictures Peter took from the top. Including a picture of some random man with a toddler in a backpack. Just to rub it in.

The trail to the top of Angel’s Landing
Random man with child so Peter could make his point and make me feel like even more of a loser!
You can see the Zion shuttle WAY down at the bottom!


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