Utah: Saint George. Shotgun Alley

Leaving Zion wasn’t easy. But it did help lessen the tears knowing that our long journey home included a another stop in Saint George for a rock climbing break and maybe some day old cupcakes. We found Shotgun Alley, another fun and family friendly climbing spot with a stunning background. The climbs are short, most topping out at 40 feet. Looking on the bright side, it is a great place to climb with children and beginners. Peter was hoping for something more challenging but we settled for gratitude. It was a beautiful day and Sage’s happiness playing at the crag made it all worth it. We even found an awesome rope swing!

IMG_3328The long drive home to Southern California was a doozy (we missed the cupcakes) but we made it home… eventually.  Sage pushed through some tough times heading out of Vegas but did finally fall asleep and we finished our drive in peace. We were completely exhausted but it was the fulfilled exhaustion that only comes from a great adventure.


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