Gear Review! Snorkel with a toddler


I reeeaaally wanted my 3 year old daughter to have the opportunity to explore the world below sea-level. I knew she would love seeing the busy fishy world, but more importantly, I didn’t want her to end up like me. My family will not take this post seriously if I don’t mention that up until about the age of 30, I had a fear of fish and snorkeling.

I have been known to walk (knee-deep) in the turquoise waters of Hawaii, bent in half, with my face in the water for approximately three seconds and then shrieking when a fish swam too close. Go ahead, laugh. It was a ridiculous fear. I blame my powerful imagination, watching Jaws, and all those years of playing Sharks and Minnows in the swimming pool. It wasn’t until I became dive certified (I believe in facing fear!) that I overcame it all. Needless to say, afraid of fish or not, snorkeling comfortably means being a strong swimmer.

Sage just turned three, and while she can swim in a pool (with an adult in the water), she is by no means ready to swim in the ocean. I had considered toeing her around in an inflatable inner tube but she’s tiny and I’ve seen her play on inner tubes before. There’s way too much flipping and flopping going on. I considered using a life jacket… but they are so bulky and uncomfortable that she’s not a fan. So, snorkeling was shelved for “when she’s older.”

UNITL, my Mom discovered the world’s greatest kids’ snorkeling/open water swim support system at, you’re not going to believe this one, Rite Aid-  of all places.

Everyone- meet The Spring Float by 


This mesh floating inflatable ring is the perfect way to give our daughter the independence she wants while also giving her the safety and comfort we want. The Spring Float encouraged her to swim on her own and when she wanted to look at the fish, she could comfortably dip her head in the water and check out the action below.

SAM_0051The best part is, we could leave her at the surface, dive below to find a starfish and bring it back up for her to touch.  

Watch my one minute video tribute to our new favorite kid-friendly snorkeling gear. Get this thing and get snorkeling!

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  1. This is so great!! She has become such a great swimmer!! I have a couple of their products and really like them! Will have to look into that one! Looks like you guys had a blast ❤️


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