2 1/2 Days in Tokyo (with a 3 year old).


I love cities. The bigger and more crowded the better. I have finally accepted that in my heart, will always exist a tug-of-war as to whether I belong in a middle of a bustling city or isolated in the wilderness. Since falling in love with Manhattan at 17 years old, I dreamed of visiting the world’s most famous cities. I have been extremely lucky and have visited many of the big ones- but had yet to experience Tokyo. Two and a half days were all we had but I was determined to pack ‘em full.

Tokyo was without a doubt an awesome place to visit with a kid in tow. It’s very clean, the food is AWESOME, people were friendly and loved interacting with Sage, the train system is easy, it’s very walkable (which is great when you have a napping child in the stroller), it’s fun to go out late because the city comes alive at night and there is fantastic shopping. Sage loves stimulation so she was thoroughly entertained for our entire visit.

First, Food! We found the most incredible sushi at a stand up restaurant underground in the subway terminal. I have never eaten fish this good! We also slurped up ramen, ate mochi, and loved exploring the markets. I also got a chance to finally experience Magnolia Bakery!

Train fun.

Our tiny hotel room!

Fun around the city.

And here is a little compilation of the videos we took with a speedy tuna cutting demonstration!

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