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Kenmin no Mori Day Hike!

Okinawa has beautiful places to hike. We found the Prefectural Citizens Forest near our hotel and loved exploring the park grounds and tackling the steep climb to the top. You climb hundreds of wooden steps under a ceiling of lush tropical trees.  The sounds of cicadas are almost deafening. Our 3 year old loved it and my husband got a great workout carrying her up the stairs. We felt the freedom of the Okinawa hills. No shoes, no shirt, NO PROBLEM! Watch our video, then get out and hike with your kids!

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Okinawa, Hedo Point

If it scares me or makes me feel uncomfortable, I need to do it. Fear or discomfort means an opportunity for personal growth and I have an addiction to personal growth. At the end of my life, I want to feel like I made the most of the opportunities I was given. Stretched my mind and my body. Got my bang for my life buck. 

When it came to my fear of fish (it’s true, I did have a fear of fish) and my fear of the underwater world,  I knew that meant I needed to get my dive certification. And lucky for me- after a few short certification dives, I discovered I LOVED the world beneath the surface! Had I let fear determine my choices I would have missed out on some of the most memorable and unique experiences in our natural world. 

Unfortunately, I rarely dive anymore. When I do dive, there is that moment right before I jump in where I think, “Crap. Which button does what again? Did I turn on my air? How do I inflate this thing? Which means I’m OK? The thumbs up or the OK sign?”

I take a deep breath, calm my anxieties and jump in. Just like riding a bike, it all comes back. I bob at the surface for a minute. The cool water envelops my face and hair. I become weightless. I put the regulator in my mouth, remember how much I love the cool air and meditative sound of the most basic of human functions. I deflate my BCD and and leave the world behind.


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Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is colorful, busy, and hands down one of the most impressive aquariums we’ve visited. With its dark cool hallways it is a beautiful place to burn energy on a hot, humid, summer day. Okinawa was very hot in June, like step outside, take a deep breath, and find your happy place hot.

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