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Travel Journal: Sri Lanka

When we travel, we travel hard. We maximize our time even if it means more time in the car and barely stopping for breaks. Seeing the world is our passion. The more we see the better.


Sage was dropped into this lifestyle at birth and she rolls with it well. But don’t be fooled to think we have a laid back kid, actually quite the opposite. She is just like her parents. Strong willed, active, and opinionated. If you read our posts and think to yourself- “Our kid could never handle this stuff…you know how fill-in-the-blank he is!” Think again. I promise it’s more about regulating your own emotions and expectations than it is about your child. 

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An Afternoon with the Elephants

Our final afternoon in Sri Lanka was spent with the elephants of Pinnawala. When we arrived at the Hotel Elephant Park for lunch I was frozen in awe. Dozens of elephants were bathing in the river below me. Looking from left to right in sheer astonishment, my jaw dropped. “You have got to be kidding me…this is real?!” We placed our order and walked to the restaurant ledge where our guide, holding a bag overflowing with pineapples and bananas, arranged for us to feed an elephant.


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Tears in my Tea

Life is full of surprises. Positive or negative, these surprises validate for me the existence of something larger and more powerful. My spiritual journey is evolving and while I don’t know for certain what this larger and more powerful thing is, I can say that it is constantly providing me with opportunities to expand my definitions and challenge my perceived capabilities.

The most recent surprise was receiving the devastating news of my Aunt’s imminent passing.  I don’t think it was a coincidence that receiving this news aligned with the once in a life-time opportunity to travel through Nuwara Eliya tea country and spend time with the majestic Sri Lankan Elephant. On the surface it may sound like I am  lessening the severity of the news or that these events are wildly disconnected, but I think the world works in mysterious ways.

IMG_3502 The journey of the tea leaf.

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Animal Encounters: Sea Turtles

One of the many surprises in Sri Lanka was the opportunity to have close encounters with rare and beautiful animals. This post is dedicated to the critically endangered sea turtles. The most fascinating fact we learned about the Sri Lankan Sea Turtles is that the females return to the beach where they were hatched, decades later, to bury their eggs in the sand. And did you know that the temperature of the sand determines the sex of the babies?


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Sri Lanka: Time Travel on a Train.

Sri Lanka. The clean, majestic, natural beauty of this country left me breathless and there is no better way to experience this than from a window of the train. This day was out of a dream. Maybe it’s my love for period movies combined with a deep yearning to be back in nature but this experience is one I will never forget. It’s worth a trip to this country just to ride the train. 

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