The Lake District

It was the movie Miss Potter that first peaked my interest in the Lake District. As a child, I loved traveling through the beautiful illustrations and dynamic woodland world of Peter Rabbit, Mrs Tiggy Winkle, and Squirrel Nutkin so visiting the place where Beatrix Potter was inspired to write these wonderful stories was a dream come true. When I discovered the Lake District was also the location of England’s highest peak, I couldn’t believe my luck. I can get my hiking fix and visit Hunka Muka in the same place? Find a campsite, hitch the camper trailer, we’re going!” 

Tips for Backpacking with a Small Child

Tips for Backpacking with a Small Child


Parents are often reluctant to take their child on multi-day visits to the backcountry. On the surface, I can understand their concerns but when I dig deeper it's more often assumptions and irrational fears that keep a family inside. Hopefully this post will provide motivation and tips for outdoor sleepovers!

Joshua Tree

The fun part of meeting friends in Joshua Tree is no cell reception. We rely on the old fashioned method of leaving notes on the back of campsite information boards. Just after midnight on Friday, we found our note, drove to our campsite, and discovered that someone else had parked their car and pitched their tent where ours was supposed to be.


Off On Safari

At 8am, in front of our hotel, we were met by our guide, Humphrey, and personal chef, Severini. After a quick stop at the Bushmen office, we were off to Arusha. Arusha is a very big city, one which serves as a jumping off point for the big Safari parks in Tanzania. It was the first large city we’ve spent any time in since arriving in Africa.