The Tower of London

The Tower of London

I am embarrassed to admit, that until Sage developed a fascination with Queen Elizabeth I, this place wasn't even on my radar. But once we learned young Elizabeth was held prisoner here by her half sister Queen Mary and that her mother Anne Boleyn had her head chopped off in the courtyard, well... yeah... we had to visit.


We drove just outside the city to the lovely village of Deisenhofen where my relatives live. The Kreb family has phenomenal country home covered in and surrounded by thick, lush, green vegetation where they grow all kinds of vegetables, currants, grapes, raspberries, flowers, and herbs. They compost and have a chicken coop that rivals anything featured in Sunset magazine.

Czech Republic

In my opinion, there are two ways of looking at international travel with a two month old. View number one: Don’t do it. You might as well just kick a dead horse (me) over and over again for fun. View number two: You are already a dead horse so what’s a little more kicking? You feel like crap anyway, so what’s a little more sleep deprivation? How much worse could you actually feel?