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Mount Motherload

When our fiery wills met to build Sage, they didn’t cancel each other out as two similar forces should. They quietly grew for 23 months and then on a dark and stormy night they colluded and turned my soft cherub into a pocket sized … Continue reading

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Cedar’s Homebirth

Given that Cedar’s birth happened at home, it seemed fitting to include the story on our family adventure blog. As it was, in its own way, our family’s biggest adventure. My hope is that with this post, we can raise awareness about birth choices and inspire informed and empowered decisions about childbirth. A woman’s experience deserves respect. She matters and birth matters. Here is our story.

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Week One

I am gitty. Heart fluttering over the moon freakishly happy. I want to jump up and down and yelp! Something in my soul yearns for accents, diversity and newness and I’m here. It’s here. With each person I see that is on the surface, so different from myself, I feel like I’m experiencing something so very special. For so long I have craved more variety in my life and environments where I can walk out the front door and be confronted with opportunities to learn and grow. To me, it feels comforting to hear different languages and accents, different colors and clothing. It makes me feel like I am a part of something. There is so much of this beautiful world to see and explore, that even the few minor frustrating moments of traveling, are so deeply worth it when in the end it’s pushing my square or small perceptions of people and culture.

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Off We Go!

Today my daughter and I embark on a new chapter in both our lives. For her, this chapter may hold her earliest memories. For me, I hope this chapter will be that portion of my life I dream of when I am much older and no longer able to jet set around the world with my daughter in tow.

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How to Get a 2 Year Old to Ski.

Just keep her happy. With all the new sports we have introduced to Sage, we have the most success when we follow her lead and keep her happy. No one likes to be made to feel uncomfortable, especially by the people who are supposed to be keeping you safe. We have a no push policy and also try to make sure we are always doing things as a family.This ensures that she doesn’t have the “opt out” option of sitting with the non-participating parent on the beach, in the lodge, etc.

IMG_2350When the entire family is participating, it goes without saying that she is coming too. In that there is security and a sense of inclusion that inspires her to get on the bike, on the board, or in this case… on the mountain.

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Give me some ESSENCE!

I’m hearing Homer Simpson’s deep savory voice lingering over the words “ESSENCE…happiness…nature… mmmmm”


No, it’ not going to end in donuts. But another (and much healthier) D word instead- Continue reading

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