Long Haul Flights with Children. What I Pack in Their Carry Ons.

Long Haul flights can be anxiety provoking when we travel alone but add a few kids to the mix, only one parent and many of us would choose to avoid the scenario all together! Sometimes though, we know a pot of gold is waiting for us on the other side so we have to make the best of it. I recently flew on my own from London to San Diego with our three kids and I put a ton of thought into what we packed. It’s important that our children have more than screen time so I packed lots of activities and accessories to ensure they will be entertained and comfortable enough to sleep!

Tips For Traveling with Young Children

We love to travel and we love being with our children but traveling with children definitely has its challenges. Since becoming parents 10 years ago, we have traveled with at least one kid (and now up to 3) to 25 countries! So, believe me when I say, “we know how difficult it can be”. Despite the rough days, traveling with children is still our first choice. In the past 10 years, we've experienced enough brutal days to learn a few things. Here are our tried and true tips for successful travel with young children. Hopefully they will help you avoid hard times so you can focus on the fun!