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Sage summits South Sister

20180721_140220_HDRAs we drove through town, Sage looked out the window and pointed to a peak in the distance, “Mama, what’s the name of that big mountain?” I told her it was called South Sister. “Is it hard to get to the top?”  I said, “yes, it’s a very hard hike to the top.” In typical Sage fashion she replied…”Ok then, I want to do it.”

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My niece is spending a semester abroad in Nepal. In honor of her adventure, it’s time I finally publish our adventure in Nepal… from… ahem… two years ago. So yeah, that pregnancy and baby thing really set me back on our travel posts. Better late than never!  We booked our trip with grand expectations. Himalayan adventures in films and magazines put Nepal at the top of our list. We were living in Abu Dhabi and given that Kathmandu was a four hour flight, we didn’t hesitate to book a trip. 


Our dream for Nepal consisted of a strenuous multi-week adventure to the remote regions of the Himalayas but we only had a few days so we decided on a multi-DAY trek instead. If Nepal was as amazing as we hoped, we would return.

So here’s the big take-a-way. Our trip didn’t meet our expectations and was a disappointment. Fortunately though, Sabine is experiencing a very different Nepal. One that is living up to her expectations. Her pictures and stories are making me want to go back and recreate our dream adventure. But for now, here is our trip in a nutshell. And maybe a few things to think about if you decide to plan a visit.

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Mount Motherload

When our fiery wills met to build Sage, they didn’t cancel each other out as two similar forces should. They quietly grew for 23 months and then on a dark and stormy night they colluded and turned my soft cherub into a pocket sized … Continue reading

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Cedar’s Homebirth

Given that Cedar’s birth happened at home, it seemed fitting to include the story on our family adventure blog. As it was, in its own way, our family’s biggest adventure. My hope is that with this post, we can raise awareness about birth choices and inspire informed and empowered decisions about childbirth. A woman’s experience deserves respect. She matters and birth matters. Here is our story.

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Climbing in Red Rocks

We love Las Vegas but maybe not for the obvious reasons. Our favorite part of Vegas lies just outside of the city. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a climbing paradise. It’s also a great place to bring your kid! We found an area of Red Rocks where our 2 year old (at the time) had a blast climbing and swinging. Continue reading to find out where it is and to see how much fun it was.


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The Next Chapter

On our first date, before the waiter spilled a beer on Peter, we spoke about our dreams. Our conversation exploded into all our hopes for traveling the world. Climbing Kilimanjaro (✓), sailing to Australia, rock-climbing Thailand (✓), trekking the Himalayas, visiting … Continue reading

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Utah: Saint George. Shotgun Alley

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Lake Lopez

This summer’s Lake Lopez kick off

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First family hike and camping trip!

Four weeks after Sage’s birth my body finally felt good enough to go on our first family hike.

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Sedona, Arizona

Because Christmas landed on a Sunday this year, Peter had Monday off! So, we decided to take a road trip to Sedona.

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Joshua Tree, Biking, Sailing, Vegas

This fall has been exciting and busy. September-October was filled with some wonderful weekend trips but due to being in the throws of weeks 9-17 of my pregnancy, I felt too sick to blog about most of it.

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Pre Gorgonio Mountain Hike

It’s 4:30am and I know I need to kick my own ass again before we attempt Kilimanjaro

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Maui Engagement photos

We are in fervent anticipation for our wedding pictures so to stop our nail biting, Mike our photographer sent over the pictures we took the Friday before we were married.

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Santiago Peak 1 point. Liz 0.

Peter and I, both sick with colds, decided this morning at 6:00am that we were still going to attempt getting to the top of Santiago Peak. Standing at 5,689 feet, Santiago Peak is the highest peak in the Santa Ana … Continue reading

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Laguna Beach Bachelorette weekend

After this weekend, I have caught myself in daydreams, reflecting on family, reflecting on friends and more keenly, on friendship.

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Thailand: Made it Railay

Hi! We are in Railay in the south of Thailand. I have so much good stuff for my next unofficial blog post but it will take some time for me to put it all together. Nothing like an “off the … Continue reading

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