Our Story

On our first date, as I rode in the passenger seat of Peter’s 2001 silver Pathfinder, we spoke about our dreams. 15 years later, as I look back on that night, I know it was our passion for adventure that brought us together and keeps us going today. Weeks after we met we began a long distance relationship flying all over the world to adventure together. I started our blog to keep family and friends updated as we traveled to different destinations around the world. When our baby Sage was born, we were determined to continue pursuing our dreams and living our adventurous outdoorsy lifestyle. But… maintaining our adventurous lifestyle and traveling the world with a baby was hard! Luckily, we both like a challenge. 

Adventure is who we are. By the time Sage was 3 we traveled as a family through 14 different countries, rock climbed on weekends, and back-packed through the Sierra Mountains. During our travels we received A LOT of questions. These questions inspired me to keep posting and recently, to start a. YouTube channel. We discovered that adventure is still possible when you have children, it just takes planning, creativity, an open mind, a LOT of patience and constant reminders to resist the sometimes easier choice of staying home. To us, the easier choice is rarely the most rewarding.

One baby (Sage) became two babies (Cedar) became three babies (Shiloh) and fingers crossed, someday three becomes four. Nothing surpasses the fulfillment I receive from raising our children. Learning and growing with them, moving forward with connection, love, empathy, and respect, in partnership with my superhero husband (Peter), is all I want from this life. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Currently we are living on a farm in England, homeschooling our children and planning our next adventure. Stay tuned!