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Okinawa, Hedo Point

If it scares me or makes me feel uncomfortable, I need to do it. Fear or discomfort means an opportunity for personal growth and I have an addiction to personal growth. At the end of my life, I want to feel like I made the most of the opportunities I was given. Stretched my mind and my body. Got my bang for my life buck. 

When it came to my fear of fish (it’s true, I did have a fear of fish) and my fear of the underwater world,  I knew that meant I needed to get my dive certification. And lucky for me- after a few short certification dives, I discovered I LOVED the world beneath the surface! Had I let fear determine my choices I would have missed out on some of the most memorable and unique experiences in our natural world. 

Unfortunately, I rarely dive anymore. When I do dive, there is that moment right before I jump in where I think, “Crap. Which button does what again? Did I turn on my air? How do I inflate this thing? Which means I’m OK? The thumbs up or the OK sign?”

I take a deep breath, calm my anxieties and jump in. Just like riding a bike, it all comes back. I bob at the surface for a minute. The cool water envelops my face and hair. I become weightless. I put the regulator in my mouth, remember how much I love the cool air and meditative sound of the most basic of human functions. I deflate my BCD and and leave the world behind.


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Thailand: Chili-squid flavored Lays

Every good gas station has a horned bull, and every good 711 has chili-squid flavored Lays potato chips.

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Thailand: Kittens, spice, and diving

We have been in this tiny area of East Railay for over a week now and are getting very comfortable. The biggest surprise is … kittens! There are kittens everywhere. All different colors, some with tails, some without.

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